YSRCP Manifesto 2019 pdf

YSRCP Manifesto 2019 pdf: An Election manifesto is a published declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer, be it an individual, group, political party or government. In India every political party prepares their own political manifesto to attract the voters. Manifesto plays an important role in the winning of a political party.

ysrcp manifesto 2019 pdf

In 2019 general election of Andhra Pradesh, YSRCP govt has come up with a declaration in-front of voters that contains 9 tailor made schemes to attract the voters. Below we have listed out all the YSRCP Manifesto 2019 pdf and the 9 major schemes of the AP Govt.

YSRCP Manifesto 2019 pdf

YSRCP Govt makes a commitment to the People of Andhra Pradesh to serve and uphold, JUSTICE, LIBERTY, EQUALITY, FRATERNITY enshrined in the PREAMBLE to the Cons tu on of India as fundamental to our Governance model.

YSR Congress Party is perhaps the only political party in independent India that fulfilled a large majority of its election promises made in the last Assembly elections. Some of the prominent promises fulfilled were – world class education system, providing free health care and financial assistance for Farmers.

List of Schemes in YSRCP Manifesto 2019 pdf

The roadmap is divided in 9 parts: a list of 9 guarantees by YS Jagan to the people of AP, and an extended list of initiatives that will complement the 10 guarantees in building a AP of our dreams.

#1 YSR Rythu Bharosa:

YSR Rythu Bharosa is one of the popular Jagan’s scheme which provides financial assistance for Farmers for each crop. With this scheme Every farmer in the state of AP will be be provided Rs 50000 financial assistance. For crop sowing farmers to get Rs 12500 in the month of May itself. Also, farmers are no need to pay the crop insurance from their pockets. Instead the Govt will pay the Insurance as well.

#2 AP Fee reimbursement

As mentioned in the heading Fee Reiumbursement means providing the full fee opus to the students who are pursuing higher studies like B.Tech/B.E, M.E/M.Tech. MCA and other higher level studies. Rs. 20,000 per student per annum to be provided in addition to fees reimbursement, boarding and lodging.

#3 Aarogyasri

Aarogyasri is first introduced in India by the AP state only during the tenure of YS Raja Sekhara Reddy, the father of YS Jagan. Now Jagan has took it as a challenge to provide the free medical facilities to the poor. YSR Aarogyasri cover for all categories with annual income less than Rs. 5 lakh. Moreover, Aarogyasri scheme is applicable for all medical expenses above Rs. 1000/-. It means if the medical bill is above Rs.1000/- white ration card holders are no need to pay anything to the hospitals.

#4 YSR Jalayagnam

YSR Jalayagnam aims to complete all the water projects in the state of AP. Polavaram, Poolasubbayya, Veligonda and other uncompleted projects comes under this scheme.

#5 Ban on Alcohol

We all know India is suffering from Alcohol addiction. Here large groups of people daily spends more than half of their daily wages to drink alcohol. Jagana during the election campaign promised that he will ban alcohol in three stages after forming the Govt.

#6 Amma Vodi

We all know Indian Mothers from poor families always worry about their children education. But in the state of Andhra Pradesh mothers need not worry anymore. A Financial assistance of Rs. 15,000/- given to mothers for children education.

#7 YSR Asara, YSR Cheyuta

0% interest loans will be issued to the women who are seeking loans from various cooperative banks. With this scheme, Rs. 75000 loans to be granted to women above 45 years age of BC, SC,ST and minorities through various corporations as YSR Chevuta.

#8 Housing for all poor

We all know many families in India still staying in the Indian traditional Paka Houses. Housing for all home less poor families irrespective of parties, cast, religion, category. With this scheme 25 lakhs houses to be constructed in 5 years to the poor.

#9 Pensions

AP Govt will provide Rs. 3000/- pensions for Differently abled persons and Senior citizen pension to be gradually increased to Rs. 3000/-. Also, the pension age limit to be decreased to 60 from 65 years.

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