Amaravati Plots e-Auction Online Registration Process

Amaravati Plots e-Auction Online Registration Process: Buying plots in the capital region of Andhra Pradesh is a dream to many common people. Now the AP govt has made it feasible with E-Auction of Amaravati plots. If you are interested in buying any of the plots in Amaravathi capital region, you can start following the below procedure of registration process.

Amaravati Plots e-Auction Online Registration Process

Customers should first register themselves On-line on e-Auction Website and thereafter submitting the Scan Copy of Documents mentioned below through mail to [email protected]

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Amaravati Plots e-Auction Online Registration Process

The Government of AP has always been at the forefront of implementing e-Governance, having pioneered popular projects like CARD, eSeva, MeeSeva, E-Procurement. To Procure and Sale Fast decision by Department & bidders, Acts as Decision Support Mechanism, Fully secured transactions, Saving of time & Very fast Sale Realizations by using E-Auction solution for providing better services to citizens and businesses.

The AP Govt Amaravati plots E-Auction platform is built using flexible workflow, User-friendly navigation, Interactive Dashboard for buyers & suppliers and caters to all types of Auctions processes like Reverse and Forward. E-Auctions are bidding conducted via an online platform where Suppliers get the possibility of improving their proposals based on market feedback and are considered to be the most transparent way of conducting negotiations. Basically, there are two types of Auctions.

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Types of E-Auctions:

Forward Auction – Forward Auctions are sales oriented auctions, where Auctioneers are trying to sell their products or services. In a forward auction, the buyer bids on the Department’s item and the prices of the item increases by a fixed increment amount during the auction and in a forward Auction the highest bid price during the Auction is the one which wins.

Reverse Auction – Reverse Auctions are Purchase oriented auctions, where Auctioneers are trying to purchase products or services. In a reverse auction, the seller bids on the Buyer’s item and the prices of the item decreases by a fixed decrement amount during the auction. In a Reverse Auction the lowest bid price during the Auction is the one which wins.

The new E-Auction platform has been thoroughly tested and audited by STQC Directorate, Government of India and is fully compliant with CVC & GFR Guidelines 2005 and IT Act 2000/2008 for data security & privacy in Public Procurement.

Registration Process:

To get the plots of Amaravati in E-auction, first one should have to register themselves in the konugolu, a new portal to participate in the e-auction.

  • Online registration must be done by the Customers on the Website Click on New Registration and by accepting the General Terms & Conditions (GTC) and then click on “I AGREE”
  • Filling the Buyer Registration Form (email Address & Income Tax PAN No. of the Customer are mandatory).
  • The Customers must also generate their unique User ID and Password during the online registration. However the Password of the Customer will be activated by Support only.

Required Documents:

  • Income Tax PAN Card
  • Photocopy of Latest Income Tax Return1
  • Sales Tax Registration (State& Central) Certificates
  • Registration Fee of Rs. 1000/- + 18% GST( Non- Refundable ) by Payment Gateway.
  • Signature of the Proprietor/ Partner verified by Bank ( If Proprietorship/ Partnership Firm) on Bank’s Letter-head. If such verification is done on Customer’s Letter-head, then the full Address of the Branch of the Bank must be mentioned.
  • Notarized Photocopies of Valid Registration Certificates from Central and State Pollution Control Boards for Hazardous Waste Items (If applicable)

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Amaravati eAuction Registration Process:

If Buyer Registered Using E-Auction Portal. After Registration Done Bidder Have To Pay Registration Fee

For Activation:

  • Online Registration
  • Registration FEE
  • Scan Copy of document send through mail to [email protected]

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