TTD Kalyana Mandapam Online Booking in 2022

TTD Kalyana Mandapam Online Booking: Celebrating Marriages in Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams is very much liked by Hindus and popular among the AP, Telangana and Tamil Nadu people. On the other side, Andhra Pradesh Govt also conducting free marriages for poor people in TTD Devasthanam.

ttd kalyana mandapam online booking

By seeing the popularity for Marriages in TTD, many people started booking function halls in Tirupati and Tirumala hills. Similarly, the TTD board has established a big Kalyana Mandapam that can accommodate thousands of people. Not only in Tirumala, the TTD has established TTD marriage halls in almost all metropolitan cities of India and as well as at several other places.

TTD Kalyana Mandapam Online Booking in 2022

TTD Kalyana mandapam Marriage Functional Hall Booking Online starts now in Check TTD Marriage Hall Booking availability. Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams Board has constructed and well maintained number of marriage convention centers all over country. Every district and a big religious pilgrim place was built with an Kalyana mandapam. These are commonly referred as TTD Kalyanamandapams. Board under bringing all the services to online mode has started Online reservation facility of Marriage Halls.

TTD Kalyana Mandapam List:

Below is the list of Kalyana Mandapams in AP and Telangana, India.

AluruThe Manager
TTD Kalyanamandapam
Kurnool District
Andhra Pradesh
AdilabadThe Manager
TTD Kalyana Mandapam
Adilabad Adilabad District,
TTD Kalyana Mandapam,
Adoni Kurnool District
Andhra Pradesh
TTD Kalyana Mandapam
Alamuru 533 233
East Godavari District,
Andhra Pradesh
TTD Kalyana Mandapam
Nellore District
Andhra Pradesh
AnantapurThe Deputy Executive Engineer
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Ramachandra Nagar
Andhra Pradesh
AnaparthyThe Manager
TTD Kalyana Mandapam
East Godavari District Andhra Pradesh
TTD Kalyana Mandapam
Nizamabad District
Andhra Pradesh
AthreyapuramThe Manager
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Athreyapuram
East Godavari District
Andhra Pradesh
AttiliThe Manager
TTD Kalyana Mandapam
West Godavari District
Andhra Pradesh
AvanigaddaThe Manager
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Avanigadda
Krishna District
Andhra Pradesh
BakarapetThe Manager
TTD Kalyana Mandapam
Chittoor District
Andhra Pradesh
TTD Information Centre
16th Cross,
Bangalore – 560 003
Bangaru TirupatiThe Manager,
TTD Information Centre/ Kalyanamandapam
Bangaru Tirupati
Bangarupet TQ
Kolar District
Karnataka State
BanswadaThe Manager
TTD Kalyana Mandapam
Nizamabad District,
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Beechupalli.
Mehaboob Nagar District Telangana.
BhainsaThe Manager
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Bhainsa Adilabad District,
TTD Kalyana Mandapam
Sivaraopet Bhimavaram
West Godavari
District Andhra Pradesh
BhopalThe Secretary
The Balaji Baktha Mandali
Bhopal 462 021
Madhya Pradesh
BhongirThe Manager
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Bhongir Nalgonda District Telangana
TTD Information Centre/ Kalyanamandapam
Plot # A6/1 Jayadev Vihar Colony
R P L Campus Post
Bhubaneswar – 751 013
BiccavoluThe Manager
TTD Kalyana Mandapam
East Godavari District Andhra Pradesh
BiknoorThe Manager
TTD Kalyana Mandapam
Biknoor Nizamabad District Telangana
TTD Kalyana Mandapam
Bobbili Vijayanagaram District Andhra Pradesh
BodhanThe Manager
TTD Kalyana Mandapam
Bodhan Nizamabad District,
Chennai (2 centres)1.Manager
TTD Information Centre V V R Dharmasala, 198 & 199,
Peters Road Chennai – 600 014
2. Manager
TTD Information Centre 50, VenkataNarayana Road T Nagar Chennai – 600 017
TTD Kalyana Mandapam
Vellore Road
Chittoor Andhra Pradesh
TTD Information Centre
Stock Exchange Building Coimbatore Tamil Nadu
TTD Kalyana Mandapam
Madras Road
Cuddapah Andhra Pradesh
DevarakondaThe Manager
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Devarakonda Nalgonda District Telangana
Devuni CuddapahThe Manager
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Devuni Cuddapah Cuddapah District Andhra Pradesh
DomakondaThe Manager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Domakonda
Nizamabad District Telangana
DubbakaThe Manager TTD Kalyana Mandapam
Dubbaka Medak District Telngana
Dwaraka TirumalaThe Manager
TTD Kalyana Mandapam
Dwaraka Tirumala West Godavari District Andhra Pradesh
TTD Kalyana Mandapam
Opposite C R Reddy College
Eluru West Godavari District
Andhra Pradesh
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Emmiganur Kurnool District
Andhra Pradesh
TTD Kalyana Mandapam
Gorantla Ananthapur District
Andhra Pradesh
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Gaddiannaram
Ranga Reddy District Telangana
TTD Kalyana Mandapam
Rajendra Nagar Gudiwada
Krishna District Andhra Pradesh
TTD Kalyana Mandapam
Gudipala Chittoor District
Andhra Pradesh
GudipalliManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Gudipalli Chittoor District
Andhra Pradesh
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Gudur Nellore District
Andhra Pradesh
TTD Information Centre/ Kalyanamandapam Raja Gardens Guntur Andhra Pradesh
GuruvayurThe Manager,
TTD Information Centre/ Kalyanamandapam,
Guruvayur – 680 101
Tiruchur District
Kerala State
The Secretary
Thiru Venkatachalapathi
Utsav Samithi
Guruvayur 680 101 Kerala State
HanumakondaDeputy Executive Engineer
TTD Kalyana Mandapam
Laskar Bazar Hanumakonda Warangal District Telangana
TTD Kalyana Mandapam
Hindupur Anantapur District
Andhra Pradesh
HyderabadThe Manager
TTD Information Centre
Himayat Nagar Hyderabad (Dt.) Telngana – 500 029
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Jamalapuram, Khammam (Dt.) Telangana
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Jammalamadugu Cuddapah District Andhra Pradesh
Jangareddy GudemThe Manager
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Jangareddy Gudem
West Godavari District
Andhra Pradesh
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Jangaon,Warangal District Telangana
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Jinnaram, Medak District Telangana
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Jogipet, Medak District Telangana
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Kadiri Ananthapur District
Andhra Pradesh
KakinadaDeputy Executive Engineer
TTD Information Centre
Balaji Tank
Kakinada – 533 003 Andhra Pradesh
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Kallur, Khammam District
Kama ReddyManager
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Kama Reddy,
Nizamabad District Andhra Pradesh
TTD Information Centre/Guest House Ekambareswara Swamy
Koil street Kanchipuram Tamil Nadu
TTD Choultry Kanipakkam
Chittoor District Andhra Pradesh
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Kapileswarapuram
East Godavari District
Andhra Pradesh
KarvetinagaramThe Manager
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Karvetinagaram
Chitoor District Andhra Pradesh
TTD Kalyana Mandapam
Opposite RTC Bus Stand Khammam Telangana
KodadaThe Manager
TTD Kalyanamandapam
Azad Nagar Kodada (Post) Nalgonda District Telangana
Koyyala GudemThe Manager
TTD Kalyana Mandapam
Koyyala Gudem
West Godavari District
Andhra Pradesh
KuppamThe Manager
TTD Kalyana Mandapam
Kuppam Chittoor District
Andhra Pradesh
TTD Kalyana Mandapam
B-Camp Centre Kurnool – 2
Andhra Pradesh
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Machilipatnam – 521 001
Krishna District Andhra Pradesh
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Madanapalli Chittoor District
Andhra Pradesh
TTD Information Centre Sri Madurai Meenakshi Temple Premises Madurai – 625 001 Tamil Nadu
TTD Kalyana Mandapam
Manthani Karimnagar District Telangana
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Mancherial, Adilabad District Telangana
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Mandapeta East Godavari District Andhra Pradesh
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Tenali Road Mangalagiri Guntur District Andhra Pradesh
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Mattapalli Nalgonda District Telangana
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Metpalli Karimnagar District Telangana
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Munnangi, Guntur District Andhra Pradesh
TTD Information Centre GD Somani Memorial Buildings Cuffe Parade Mumbai – 400 005
TTD Choultry Mummadivaram East Godavari District Andhra Pradesh
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Nalgonda District Telangana
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Nacharam Medak District Telangana
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Nandigama – 521 185 Krishna District Andhra Pradesh
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Sreenivasa Nagar Nandyala – 518 501
Kurnool District Andhra Pradesh
TTD Kalyana Mandapam
Narasapur – 534 275
West Godavari District
Andhra Pradesh
NarispatnamThe Manager
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Narispatnam,
Visakhapatnam District
Andhra Pradesh
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Nirmal, Adilabad District Andhra Pradesh
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Nellimarla, Vijayanagaram District
Andhra Pradesh
TTD Kalyana Mandapam
BlockNo-10 Neyveli Township Cuddalore District Tamil Nadu
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Nagalapuram, Chittoor District Andhra Pradesh
NaravariPalli Manager
TTD Kalyana Mandapam Naravari Palli, Chittoor District
Andhra Pradesh
TTD Kalyana Mandapam
Durga Mitta Nellore Andhra Pradesh
New DelhiThe Executive Engineer
TTD Information Centre # 10,
Hailey Road New Delhi – 110 001
TTD Kalyana Mandapam
Vayani Road Nizamabad – 503 001 Telangana
NuzvidManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Nuzvid Krishna District Andhra Pradesh
OngoleDeputy Executive Engineer TTD Kalyana Mandapam Sitampet Ongole Prakasam District Andhra Pradesh
ParlapaduManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Parlapadu Cuddapah District Andhra Pradesh
PeddapuramManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Peddapuram East Godavari District Andhra Pradesh
PeravaliManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Peravali, Guntur District Andhra Pradesh
PenumantraManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Penumantra 534 124, West Godavari District Andhra Pradesh
PilerManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Piler, Chittoor District Andhra Pradesh
PithapuramManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Pithapuram East Godavari District Andhra Pradesh
PittalavaripalemManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Pittalavaripalem Guntur District Andhra Pradesh
PolakalaManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Polakala, Irala Mandalam Chittoor District Andhra Pradesh
PoduruManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Poduru – 534 327 West Godavari District Andhra Pradesh
PalonchaManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Paloncha, Khammam District Telangana
PondicherryManager TTD Information Centre 288, J N Street Pondicherry – 605 001 Tamil Nadu
ProdduturManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Proddutur Cuddapah District Andhra Pradesh
PutturManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Puttur Chittoor District Andhra Pradesh
RamakuppamManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Ramakuppam Chittoor District Andhra Pradesh
RajahmundryManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Rajahmundry – 533 103 East Godavari District Andhra Pradesh
Raja NagaramThe Manager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Raja Nagaram East Godavari District Andhra Pradesh
RazoluManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Razolu East Godavari District Andhra Pradesh
Rishikesh Assistant Executive Officer TTD Andhra Ashramam L J Road Rishikesh – 249 201 Uttar Pradesh
Sanga ReddyManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Sanga Reddy Medak District Telangana
SaripalliManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Saripalli (Post) Via Rangavaram West Godavari District Andhra Pradesh
SiddipetManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Siddipet Medak District Telangana
SadumManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Sadum, Chittoor District Andhra Pradesh
SomalaManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Somala, Chittoor District Andhra Pradesh
Srinivasa Mangapuram Manager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Srinivasa Mangapuram, Chittoor District Andhra Pradesh
SamarlakotaThe Manager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Samarlakota East Godavari District Andhra Pradesh
SangameswaramManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Sangameswaram Ananthapur District Andhra Pradesh
SattenapalliManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Sattenapalli Guntur District Andhra Pradesh
SatuluruManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Satuluru Guntur District Andhra Pradesh
SrikalahasthiThe Manager TTD Information Centre/ Kalyanamandapam Srikalahasthi Chittoor District Andhra Pradesh
SrikakulamManager TTD Information Centre Srikakulam, Srikakulam District Andhra Pradesh
TadepalligudemManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Tadepalligudem, West Godavari District Andhra Pradesh
TadipatriManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Tadipatri Anantapur District Andhra Pradesh
TanguturManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Tangutur Prakasam District Andhra Pradesh
TanukuManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Tanuku West Godavari District Andhra Pradesh
ThummurManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Thummur (Naidupet) Nellore District Andhra Pradesh
TenaliManager TTD Information Centre/ Kalyanamandapam 11-6-2, Ponduranga Pet Tenali 522 002 Guntur District Andhra Pradesh
UnguturManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Ungutur Krishna District Andhra Pradesh
VeldurthiManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Veldurthi Guntur District Andhra Pradesh
V.Kota Manager TTD Kalyana Mandapam V.Kota Chittoor District Andhra Pradesh
VarniManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Varni, Nizamabad Dt. Telangana
VelloreManager TTD Information Center S.V. High School Campus Vellore Tamil Nadu
VidyanagarManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Vidyanagar Nellore District Andhra Pradesh
VijayawadaThe Manager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Cum Information Centre Punnamma Thota Vijayawada -520 010 Krishna District Andhra Pradesh
VisakhapatnamDeputy Executive Engineer TTD Kalyana Mandapam M V P Colony, Sector-5 Visakhapatnam-17 Andhra Pradesh
VizianagaramManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
WanapartiManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Wanaparti – 509 103 Mahaboob Nagar District Telangana
ZaheerabadManager TTD Kalyana Mandapam Zaheerabad – 502 220, Medak (Dt.) Telangana

Basic requirement to reserve TTD Kalyanamandapam in Online:

If there was a TTD Marriage hall in your town, Online mode works to know about its availability. First of all you need to check the available dates in calender before booking. Online Payment Facility to pay the booking charges and proper proof of ceremony organizing in the Kalyanamandapam. A registered user login id in ttdsevaonline website will do the work.

How to Book TTD Kalyana Mandapam?

  • Visit website and go to login menu by entering your registered email and password.
  • Then Choose Kalyanamandapam option in the home page.
  • Then Select the district name first. TTD Kalyanamandapams in Chittor, Nellore, East Godavari, Guntur, Anantapur, Kadapa Kurnool are available for booking.
  • Select the district name and now a list of all marriage halls are shown in the particular district.
  • Then Below the option panel a calendar same like TTD Arjitha Seva Online Booking or 300 Special Entry darshan Booking is shown.

Available dates for TTD Kalyana mandapam reservation is shown green color while the Red in color shows already booked. Select the check box that you accept terms and conditions of refer them below. Now proceed to enter number of days and state the reason for booking in between Upanayanam, Marriage, Shastipoorti, Satyanarayana Vratham, Seemantham, Barasala, Annaprasana, Engagement. Maximum duration of booking is 2 days. Standard Check in time is 3:00 PM and Check out time is 48 hours later.

Documents Required

Check whether the booking is for you or booking for others. Then proceed to entering the Main participants ID details. Enter the name of Male applicant, Upload photograph, ID proof scanned copy and Address etc. Check out the complete Terms & Conditions. Proceed to enter check in date and check out date. The rent will be displayed on the screen. Pay the price in online to confirm the reservation and book TTD Kalyanamandapam Online Successfully.

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