Amazon Prime Vs Netflix: Subscription Plans 2022 Comparison

Amazon Prime Video Vs Netflix: Amazon and Netflix both are the leading OTT platforms in India and they also treated as global OTT giants by OTT trade reporters. Netflix is the world’s first OTT platform having OTT content in all languages. Prime Video is the second most popular OTT platform globally with millions of subscriptions. Amazon Prime Video Marks Five Years in India with 22 million subscriptions only from this country.

Amazon Prime Vs Netflix

A 2021 market report states that together, the leading OTT’s customer base is Disney Plus Hotstar (51 million), Prime Video (22.3 million) and Netflix (6.1 million) account for 80 million paying subscribers in India. Here is the Amazon Prime Video Vs Netflix: Subscription Plans Comparison 2022.

Amazon Prime Video Vs Netflix: Subscription Plans Comparison 2022

India has now 9,000 cinema screens for a population of 1.3 billion. Films in South India especially played only in their linguistic catchment areas in case of the four South Indian languages of Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam.

About Amazon Prime Video:

Amazon Prime Video is currently generating content and providing user interfaces to the audience in Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Gujarati and Tamil languages of India. Like other OTT Platforms, Prime Video has seen major surge in subscriptions in the covid-19.

Amazon Prime Video Subscription Plans:

Prime Video has annual, monthly and quarterly plans alongside mobile-only plans, which have just been significantly increased. These are available directly from Amazon, with telecom providers or multichannel video programming distributors like Tata Sky or Jio Fiber. The service now reaches 4,500 post codes, or 99% of India’s population, Gandhi said.

Subscription PlansAmazon Prime Video Subscription Price
Prime Video 3 month subscription₹329
Prime Video yearly subscription₹ 999

About Netflix

Netflix an Indian OTT platform that premiers movies, web series and international content. Netflix is also known for broadcasting originals. Like all online platforms Netflix also offers a number of Netflix Subscription Plans. By choosing the Netflix Subscription Plans that the user wants and paying the Netflix annual subscription price or the monthly price the user will be able to enjoy premium content.

Netflix Subscription Plans:

Netflix is known for offering various Netflix subscription plans both Netflix monthly subscription and Netflix yearly subscription with various Netflix subscription plans offers. Currently Netflix has both Netflix annual subscription price and Netflix monthly subscription price from which the users can choose the Netflix subscription plans they want.

  • Netflix Rs 149 mobile-only plan
  • Netflix Basic Rs 199 plan
  • Netflix Standard Rs 499 plan
  • Netflix Premium Rs 649 plan

Does Amazon Prime Video and Netflix Have Free Plans?

Yes’ Amazon Prime Video and Netflix both have free subscription plans. Even There is also a free subscription to Disney Plus Netflix in India and Amazon Prime Video; however, you hardly get anything here. So, I suggest you with the Paid plans.

Amazon Prime Video Vs Netflix: Which is the Best?

Both Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are popular in their own ways. Amazon Prime Video is more focused to Web Series, Movies in India along with some additional benefits to the users through Amazon Ecommerce site. While Netflix is not into any other business and purely dedicated tp Entertainment industry. If you want to pick 1, I will say Netflix is the best one If you want to watch top IMDB rated shows and Originals otherwise Amazon Prime Video is the best choice for regional content.

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