Revolutionizing the Betting Landscape: Virtual Cricket Gambling Emerges as the Latest Sensation!

If you’re looking to place a real money wager on something other than traditional sports betting markets, regular online casino games, or live dealer games, and if you’re a cricket fan, then why not check out virtual cricket betting at this top-rated Indian casino site? 

As well as virtual cricket events that run throughout the day, you can also find plenty of regular betting markets for several other virtual sports, including virtual horse races, virtual dog racing, virtual baseball, virtual basketball, virtual tennis, and virtual soccer/football.

On this page, we will be taking a look at how to play virtual cricket at the official website – India’s number-one real money gambling site. 

Cricket Gambling

What is virtual cricket?

Virtual cricket is a real money gambling service available at trusted Indian online casinos, such as the official 10CRIC Casino. In short, it’s a computer-generated sporting event that usually lasts around 30 seconds. 

New events run every few minutes throughout the day, and the fair and realistic outcomes/results are determined/produced by frequently tested RNGs (Random Number Generators). Virtual cricket events and other virtual sports events are a fast-paced and fun way to have a flutter on your favorite games. 

With each new event, multiple bet types are usually available, and if you win any of your bets by the end of the event, your winnings will instantly be credited to your account. 

The names of teams are slightly different from the real-life couples, and as the action unfolds, you get to watch mini pre-recorded videos including the main highlights of those events. 

The type of 3D animated footage you can watch while you’re waiting for the outcomes depends on the game. For example, in virtual dog racing, you watch the entire race play out in front of your eyes. 

In virtual cricket, you watch animated sequences play out or, perhaps, wickets being taken, 4s or 6s being hit, or balls being caught, and in virtual football, you watch short attacks/defensive moves from both sides and perhaps one or more goals being scored/saved. 

The animated videos you can watch last for around 30 seconds, and they can be likened to watching the action unfold in today’s biggest cricket video games, such as Cricket 22 or Big Bash Boom. 

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How do I bet on virtual cricket?

To place a wager on any upcoming virtual cricket matches, you must first register your free real-money account at the best virtual cricket betting site India has to offer in 2023 – the website. To do so, you must be at least 18 years old. 

When your new account has been activated, go to the 10CRIC Sports section and look for the list of sports available on the left-hand side of the page. Towards the bottom of this section, you should see the list of virtual sports. Click or tap on the virtual cricket button. 

Now, all you need to do is place as few or as many bets as you wish before the countdown timer reaches zero, at which point, the new virtual cricket match will begin. Let’s say Hyderabad is about to play Bangalore in the next match. 

Some of the different bet types you are likely to come across are the following (with some decimal odds examples):

  • Winner (including Super Over) – Hyderabad (1.55) vs Bangalore (2.25), meaning Hyderabad is the clear favorite to win this match outright
  • 2nd innings (1st dismissal method) – Caught (2.05), LBW (4.50), Stumped (37.00), Bowled (4.55), Run Out (7.25), Other (x)
  • 2nd innings overs 0 to 6 (Hyderabad total) – Over 46.50 (1.18), Under 46.50 (4.15), Over 57.50 (8.00), Under 57.50 (1.04)

You can also generally find fair odds for several other popular cricket bet types, such as total fours, total sixes, individual players’ dismissal methods, total runs, and various other markets. Just make sure you place your bets with the correct amount before you run out of time. 

If the timer reaches zero and you haven’t placed any bets, you will have to wait for a new virtual cricket match to start in a few minutes, so remember to place your bets in good time. 

Can I place virtual cricket bets on mobile?

Yes. You can place virtual cricket bets at 10CRIC Sports from almost any smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop computer. You have two options when playing from an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet device.

You can download and install the free 10CRIC Sports betting app onto your device and place bets from within the app, or you can log in to your account and place virtual sports bets instantly in your web browser. It’s up to you!

When placing virtual cricket bets or any other sports bets, or when playing any of the 2,400+ casino games from your smartphone or tablet device, ensure that you have a decent Wi-Fi connection and plenty of battery life. 

How do I know the outcomes are fair?

As mentioned, the results/outcomes in the virtual sports events are produced by Random Number Generators. 

They are designed to produce outcomes with no discernible pattern but, at the same time, mimic/recreate the excitement of real-life matches.

The results attempt to replicate the unpredictability of real-life sporting events while, at the same time, mirroring the randomness of sports events. This is why you are offered realistic odds similar to those you would be offered in an actual cricket match. 

However, don’t forget that no matter how certain the odds for any virtual sports event may first appear when placing your bets, no bets are ever guaranteed to return you a profit. Sometimes you may win, and other times you may lose. 

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Final note

If you’re looking for a fun new way to place a wager and love sports, then you will almost certainly enjoy 10CRIC Sport’s virtual sports betting section, so don’t forget to check it out when you next play at this top-rated Indian online sports betting casino.

You may also like to check out 10CRIC’s Simulated Reality League betting services.

Always remember to set a reasonable budget and stay within your budget by never chasing your losses. Don’t forget to check your stake before confirming your bet, and then to keep an eye on any bets you have placed, head to the ‘my bets’ section when logged in to your account. 

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