Recruiting Players and Getting Coins – How to Make Money in FIFA 23 and Strengthen Your Squad

Make Money in FIFA 23

Coming to FIFA 23 and wanting to play the FIFA Ultimate Team online mode, many beginners may be surprised at the difference between a career and FUT. The fact is that by choosing your favorite club, you will not receive the optimal and current line-up based on the players’ contracts for the current year, but a set of random performers who will become your first line-up.

In fact, this introduces the effect of randomness into FIFA 23 and the requirement for constant matches to earn coins, knock out sets and just progress the level of the player’s game.

You will play game matches against other players in order to earn money to open new packs with random players that will help strengthen your team.

Total sets 4:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Golden
  • Special, or idols

The difference lies in the general characteristics of each player, and even if you come across the same performers, they will have different performance on the field due to the difference in class. It will affect the speed of running, or accuracy, or the power of impact, and so on.

Of course, to start the game, when you have a minimum number of FIFA coins, you don’t have to choose, and it’s better to rely on bronze sets until you get the first serious savings and go play tournaments where expensive packs go as rewards for certain actions.

It is worth clarifying right away that world-class football players such as Messi, Ronaldo, or past stars Pele and Maradona can only be obtained from Idol sets, which are quite hard to get in FIFA 23.

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Tournaments and other ways to get game sets

In FIFA 23, players will find many ways to earn coins and ready-made sets of players that you just need to open. The result will be random, but for gold packs, all players have a high price, especially at the start of the game.

To begin with, you will be assigned to a division according to the level of play with opponents of the same strength, so that you can develop and progress calmly in comfortable conditions, and when you win often enough, the game system itself will transfer you to a higher rank.

If you play FIFA 23 consistently and often win or draw, then once a week the game itself will give you final statistics on points, and if you reach 1250 points, you can qualify for the weekend league through FIFA Champions, where you can get a lot of gold game sets even if you don’t get enough wins.

Division games won’t give you much trouble and will greatly advance your understanding of tactics in most matches and will help you develop strategies for successfully playing against different opponents. Of course, super-strong opponents will periodically come across who will be too strong and defeat you, but this is also an experience.

Each match in the division earns FIFA coins, for which you can buy game packs. With a different outcome of the fight, different rewards apply, for example, more will be given for a victory and a draw, for a defeat the reward will be minimal, but will also be paid.

Achieving 1250 points in the current division will not be a super-difficult task and those players who make even minimal effort will fight for the right to advance to the next stage and receive a large number of gold player sets in FIFA Champions and the Weekend League.

You have to play 10 matches, where you need to win at least 4 victories to advance to the next stage. A draw is excluded, and you get 4 points for a win and 1 for a loss.

Depending on the number of victories, you will already receive at least one gold pack, which will provide several good players who will strengthen the playing squad. The more matches you win, the better, but it will not be easy, because the opponents will no longer be selected by division level, but by random principles, which can be thrown against extremely strong opponents.

You can go through and play all the matches on your own, or ask for help for a guaranteed result and use the link to order fut champs boosting from the Skycoach service.

Skycoach will help you qualify through the FIFA Champions and the Weekend League itself with a high rate of wins in meetings and the extraction of a large number of gold sets that will dramatically strengthen the game line-up, or allow you to earn a lot of FIFA coins.

The service provides the service by gaining access to the account and gradually fulfilling all the requirements to complete the order, it will be important that all actions are performed by a professional player who has hundreds of hours of experience playing with a squad of any level and will be able to get the most out of the gaming event.

Skycoach guarantees the security of the client’s personal data and performs all services exclusively with the help of its employees and does not transfer orders to third parties. A professional player uses VPN and does not attract the attention of the game administration, as if no one has logged into the account.

You can track the status of the order on the Skycoach service website and upon completion of the tournament, you will receive a notification and will be able to log into your account, check the result, see all the new gold packs of football players that now belong to you, change your password, leave feedback on the quality of services from the employee Skycoach and go – open your kits to strengthen the game line-up.

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Weekend League

The event itself is a line of milestones that you can follow in case of victories and defeats during 20 games. The more victories you win, the more noticeably you will progress and get more rewards – gold packs, FIFA 23 coins and qualification tokens for the next week.

It is impossible to draw here and opponents will be selected randomly without taking into account the division, which adds additional complexity.

The advantage of this mode is that even if you win only a part of the matches, you will still receive enough rewards to strengthen your squad and tokens for simplified calibration next week. FIFA coins that you will receive additionally can be saved, or let them buy ready-made players, not sets.

You will have three whole days to play 20 matches, so you can take your time and take breaks when you feel that the next match will not play with full gear.

Do not forget that defeats are also encouraged, albeit not as clearly as victories – this gives an incentive to all new players who are just forming the playing squads to come to the league again and again and strengthen their team with new players.

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