Understanding Tennis Serves

Tennis serves might look pretty straightforward at first glance. In very simple terms, it can be seen as simply as the shot that begins a point.

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Yet, serves have many other aspects that should be comprehended in order to properly understand what happens in a tennis game.

Tennis Serves

In order for a service to be valid, and as such, in order for a point to be played, serving players must try to place the ball in the opposite serve box. This box must be the one diagonally located to where the serving player is placed. The 1xBet online bookmaker can also be visited if you want to wager on the best servers in all the tennis.

Making a valid serve

There are a few things that must be done in order for a service to be valid. First, as previously said, after the shot, the ball must go to the diagonally opposite box. When excellent players are on the court, you can visit https://1xbet.in/line in order to wager on them.

Other important aspects to take into account about this aspect of the game are:

  • since 2012, players must serve within 25 seconds after the last point has ended;
  • if a service is not valid, a fault is called, but in this case, the player can still make a second serve, if the second serve is also invalid, then the opposite player gets a point;
  • it is also necessary to stay behind the baseline.

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Advantage for the server

Good servers will force the opponent to adopt a much more defensive stand. This means that the service also tends to have an advantage when it comes to scoring points, as receivers need time to recover a proper position. On the 1xBet website there is a feature for live score tennis – find up-to-the-second scores on the platform.

If the receiver is unable to touch the ball after it lands in the proper box, then the server is awarded a point in what is called an ace.

Curiously, it is not mandatory to throw the ball over the head and then smash it in order for a service to be valid. In other words, serving by hitting the ball under shoulder height is perfectly legal. However, it is seen as unsportsmanlike by fans and other players. You can find up-to-the-second scores and live tennis scores on the 1xBet online bookmaker, where the best servers in the sport are also featured.

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