Kerala Government OTT Platform CSpace Launching on Nov 1

Kerala Government OTT Platform Launch Date and Name Finalized: The Government of Kerala is launching its own OTT platform for the release of Malayalam movies. The Government of Kerala aims to screen films through its own OTT platform from 2022 onwards. This is the first OTT platform in India launched by a state government. The Government of Kerala expects to spend around Rs 5 crore for its own OTT platform. KSFDC will submit the project report to the State Government. Once get approval, we can expect the launch of our own OTT platform in Summer 2022.

kerala government OTT Platform CSpace

With the launch of CSpace for Malayalam movies, the Kerala Govt will become the first Indian state to have a state-owned OTT platform and many other Indian states might follow the footsteps of Kerala Govt in the near future. The OTT will start its services from November 01, 2022 across worldwide. Check here the Kerala Government OTT Platform CSpace, Its features and why the Govt has invested in Digital Media, Etc.

Why Kerala Government Launched OTT Platform?

The Govt of Kerala has got to know about the problems of Malayalam Cinema Industry during the Covid-19 pandemic. Mainly the small movie producers have faced a lot of troubles during the pandemic time. In order to promote small-budget or award-winning feature films that not have received a great price from the OTT platforms will be available on CSpace. Instead of buying out the digital rights of the whole movie from the makers, the Kerala Government is aiming to generate the revenue and split the revenue earned between the Govt and the producers on a percentage basis.

Kerala Government OTT Platform Name:

The Kerala Government OTT platform name is CSpace. This is the India’s first state owned OTT launched by a State Govt that will go live on November 1- the state’s formation day (Kerala Piravi).

CSpace Registration:

The platform will offer a wide array of films, short films and documentaries. The registration of films to be premier on OTT will begin on June 01, 2022.

Kerala Government OTT Platform Launch Date:

The Kerala Government OTT Platform launch date was officially announced by the officials as November 01, 2022.


The Kerala Govt announcement about the OTT platform was made in July 2021 after seeing the problems faced by Malayalam Cinema industry. The proposed plan was to launch the OTT platform in collaboration with an already existing platform. KSFDC had invited EOI bids for the implementation of OTT Platform on 23.10.2021 (EOI No.2799/T2/2021/KSFDC). The Technical Committee constituted by KSFDC held on 21.02.2022 evaluated the received bids and shortlisted the following bidders for the next phase of selection procedure.


Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown in India from March 2020, our country witnessed significant growth in OTT platforms. Until then, the popularity of OTT platforms was limited to the urban area and above the middle class. Moreover, due to the national lockdown, people were restricted from staying in the home and didn’t have many entertainment options.

Many OTT platforms are available in our country with free subscriptions and paid subscriptions and in local languages. So it is cost-effective if we are going to cinemas if you are not required to a theatre experience.

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