Is it Worth Getting PMP in India?

Working abroad is often associated with better working conditions. It’s a great way to learn a foreign language. Listening alone allows you to improve your language skills. Knowing a foreign language will allow you to find a job abroad in the future. It is also an opportunity to gain invaluable professional experience. Going to work abroad is also an opportunity for development (both professional and personal). Working abroad means new acquaintances and a new network of contacts. Some of them may be useful even after a few years.

pmp certificate

The main task of a PM abroad is to constantly and reliably build a methodology for organizing work on a particular assignment.

Moving up the career ladder can be difficult. If you are looking for a better job or considering developing your career abroad, ask yourself the following questions.

First, am I satisfied with my current job and salary?

What am I doing in a field where others need to get raises or promotions?

Let’s think about the second question. Could the certification be a good help in such a situation?

PM’s have such tasks:

  • Meetings with developers, when the PM gathers the entire team and briefly finds out the current state of affairs of each person and plans for the day (or for a certain period);
  • meetings with key people in the team – architects, business analysts;
  • “one-on-one” meetings with team members (held monthly or every two weeks with each team member);
  • meetings with clients;

They can also take care of processes related to people management:

  • Approves documents to increase employees’ salaries.
  • Checks whether everyone has reported for work to calculate pay.
  • Fills out documents for vacations.

In addition, a PM may participate in other company activities:

  • Participating in interviews when recruiting experts for the team.
  • Attending feedback sessions or 360 appraisals of their team members.
  • Joining audits of other company tasks.
  • Preparing new proposals for their customers.

Sometimes a PM has several projects, and the number of meetings and documentation increases. Of course, the tasks performed by a PM can vary significantly from company to company. These specialists should be aware of the various kinds of tests. 

What are the specifics of a PMP certificate?

Currently, PMI offers qualifications such as Project Assistant, Project Manager (usually PMP), Planner. All details are described on

Both qualifications require theoretical knowledge and an optional test. The PMI, on the other hand, requires candidates to submit a questionnaire confirming that they have worked on projects for a certain period.

The advantage of this qualification is that the specialists are familiar with the terminology and speak the same language as other PPPs, which is essential in international projects. At the very least, they will know the best techniques, and be able to explain and implement these techniques well.

We recommend this qualification to any employee or professional who wants to work in an international company with unlimited resources and to spend time studying the PMPBoK and passing the exam.

The PMP qualification is one of the most acknowledged professional qualifications and is often a prerequisite for employment in American companies. According to the official website of the PMI, the average salary of PMP certificate holders in the United States is 25% higher than that of non-certified PMPs. In addition, it shows that you have relevant abilities.

Suppose you intend to move abroad later. In such cases, a PMP qualification will be a powerful benefit: having or intending to obtain a PMP qualification can be an advantage, but it is not a decisive factor in evaluating a candidate.

However, the qualification can be essential to the admissions process if you’re planning to change careers.

The answer to the question of whether to go abroad to work depends primarily on your preferences and individual situation. For some, it will be the first step to an international career and a great adventure, while for others it will be a compulsion that will be associated with great longing. For financial reasons, it is worth going. However, this is a decision that should be considered and not made immediately. It is worth remembering that when you decide to go abroad, you do not sign a contract and can always return or change your job, employer, or country of residence.

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